Foodstuff is now cleaning its act up!

We understand your establishment has to be clean, hygienic and in mint conditional all times.

And so, we now bring to you,cleaning and sanitation solutions that are highly durable and keep your space happy and healthy!We do want your restaurant to enjoy a spotless reputation!

Our cleaning products contain antibacterial cleaners which not only remove dirt, dust, spots and bad odours, but also kill germs that cause illness.So you can sweep,dust, shake, mop, wash or polish all your surfaces, till they are so clean, they gleam!

We’re always on the right spot at the right time!

You can have an immaculate cleaning experience with our wide range of cleaning products which makes the task simple. Our disinfecting-wipes for floor and glass, keep yourrestaurant space safe by killing bacterial germs. Our cleaners for bathroom, toilet, floor and glass surfaces, oven and grills, keep everything free of grime and smudges. Add to that, we also supply cleaning accessories like caustic soda and caution boards. On the whole, we really love to take you to the cleaners!

Flooring you with our shine

Imagine a bright and shining floor every time you enter the room. Scrub and polish your floor with our assortment of brooms and dustpans (supadi), mops, dusters, floor wipers and cleaning liquids. Leaves your floor looking grease-, grime- and spot-free, while yet hanging on to the sheen of the floor.

Our cleaning gears

Arm your cleaning squad with every kind of cleaner, wiper, broom, brush and pumps, steel scrubber, duster, etc., to bring back your floors, surfaces, dishwashers to pristine condition. Our cleaning supplies are enough to make their tasks easier and quicker. 

Taking a healthy view

Are you always in a spot of bother over maintaining proper sanitation in your eatery? Alright, we’ll come clean. We have a soft spot for hygiene as well. We supply products to suit your hygienic needs and contribute to your healthy lifestyle.Our cloth pads, floor, toilet and bathroom cleaners, handwash, dishwashers and cockroach killer spray, all prevent the spread of filth and contaminants to yourself and others.

Enjoy the sweet scent of spotlessness

Our selection of air fresheners and aroma oil will wrap your world with that fresh sunshiny fragrance that will help you connect with your customers more.

Our aroma oils come in orange,mandarin,ocean blue,wild stone and lemongrass that will enhance the ambiance of your establishment with their meadowy smells. Apart from their scents, they provide health benefits that pep up the respiratory system and have a holistic effect on the body. A sure positive-mood enhancer!Spray a burst of our air fresheners that will surely invigorate the environment with their long-lasting freshness.

Modern society yearns for healthier and hygienic products and accordingly,we strive to create a fresh and sanitary environment for our patrons with our cleaning products. And so remember, if you’re ever in a tough spot,it’s Foodstuff to the rescue!