Bringing food & safety as a packaged deal!  

Along with enlivening your food plate, we believe in being diligent guardians of your food too! And so, we have spread our wings to the Food Packaging turf as well. Delivering high quality and safe packaging to our customers are the two cornerstones on which we have built our Food Packaging department. We provide a wide assortment of strong, convenient, portable, lightweight, easy to open, heat and cold-resistant packaging that feeds longevity and hygienic food. Our packaging provides complete protection and ensures food is safe from deterioration in its quality.

Our all-embracing range of disposable containers and biodegradable products are a nod to all the latest safety and environment-friendly standards of food packaging. Consequently, not only have we taken steps to reduce our carbon footprints, we are striving to leave better footprints behind as well!

The icing on the cake is our packaging comes in attractive shapes, designs and colours to make your food look more enticing than ever!

Furthermore, in bringing our extensive range of service-ware to you, we provide exceptional form, stiffness and fine finish.

Our packaging and service-ware products include –

– Paper & carry bags                   – PVC cling films                        – Pastry boxes

– Cups                                                  – Thermocol trays                    – Toothpicks

– Wet tissue packs                        – Zip pouches                             – Hand gloves

– Toilet rolls                                      – PP bags                                       – Garbage bags

– Foil containers                            – Wooden cutlery                      – We can just go on & on!

Make your mark with our packaging!

Step up your game in the advertising department by using our packaging for your branding and communicating needs as well. We offer customized printing on paper packaging which lets you splash your name and elevates your brand from bare wrappings to a walking advertisement on the streets. Tom-tom your brand name on our striking-looking packaging which will effectively communicate your labour of love to the market! You can also showcase the benefits of your brand by displaying a message, image or a guarantee on the packaging which will propel your brand image.

We can print on any kind of paper boxes – 

  • Pizza box
  • Sandwich box
  • Tissue paper
  • Carry and paper bags


Be it jazzy or simple, we’ll whip up a packaging style that suits your needs, as well as be light on your pocket. Our printing is of the UV and water-resistant kind and so will not fade under trying conditions, thus ensuring high durability.

And so…here is some food for thought! … Swinging that delivery bag with the name of your eatery emblazoned on robust and attractive packaging will surely do a world of good for your brand.

And we at Foodstuff, are well-equipped to help you achieve just that!