Our food has a story

With a dash of herbs

A dip of sauce

A hint of spice

We bring you all the pleasures of a platter

That will make your mouth drool!

Since the inception of Foodstuff Enterprise LLP in early 2015, our dream of presenting the world’s finest food products to India has always been at the core of our business.

Rohit Iyer and Harsh Mehta, our founder partners, first broke bread together 10 years back while working for a broking and advisory firm. Their friendship and the honing of their financial skills in later organizations have continued since that first meal. Each having a business acumen and an equally acute passion for exquisite food, all the ingredients soon fell into place and out brewed Foodstuff, piping hot and all ready to be dished out!

Their dream of bringing exotic seasonings within easy reach of Indian consumers is slowly but surely bearing fruit with our venture supplying food and beverages to two restros in the beginning but has now evolved to more than 400 outlets spread over Mumbai, Pune, Goa and Bangalore.

And so, in line with their aspirations, Foodstuff brings to you imported and domestic food items and accompaniments ranging from all kinds of thrilling sauces, herbs, masalas, olives, vinegars, peppers, pasta, olive oils, tinned vegetables & fruits, fruit fillings, juices and other items that garnish your food and delight the palate.

We boast of a repertoire of 500+ food items and condiments that rejuvenates the taste-buds.

We deliver to you exotic food items from places far and wide like Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and UAE that pair up favourably with our local cuisine, enriching your gourmet experience. So take your pick from our array of imported herbs, purees, couscous, vinegars, sambal olek, salad dressings and plenty more.

We also bring in our good old Indian enrichments to the table, the taste and aromas of which combine to make an endless assortment of local savouries – and so take a whiff of our chat masala, kashmiri chilli powder, kasuri methi, coriander powder, hot chilly powder and a plethora of other relishes.

We are excited to have partnered with numerous international and Indian brands of high repute in helping us achieve our aim of enhancing the food plate.

What we bring to the table

Our passion for lip-smacking food is what we bring! We know and love our grub!

  • We are mindful of which food accompaniments combine best with the main food item to give that perfectly-blended taste in your mouth.
  • All our grocery products are comfortably available under one roof which increases your efficiency as well.
  • Quality food items delivered right to your doorstep.
  • Prompt and efficient delivery the next day, even on weekends.
  • In case you are looking for an item which is not mentioned in our product list, we will try and arrange it for you.
  • We deliver to several cities like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Vashi, Thane, Goa, Pune and Bangalore.
  • We share a great camaraderie with our partner brands as well as customer base.
  • We also follow a distributorship model of food delivery – which translates into ensured and repeat sales for our brands from whom we procure our food items and lower costs for the end – consumer. We are the distributors for various companies and brands like Fun Foods, Parle , Ruchi Soya, Weikfield , 24 Mantra Organic , Coke , Golden Crown, Sarwar,Jindal Chocolates and many more ..

These flavours have given us an edge in the industry and also continued patronage from our existing clients.


Meet   the   Team

The creators of Foodstuff, Rohit’s & Harsh’s combined vision of enabling the Indian customer access to some of the finest delicacies, initially started with catering to 2 restros, but has now ballooned to more than 400, having gathered a team of 27 dedicated employees on the way.

We are proud to say that we are a bunch of young and determined lot, raring to bring a feast of food items to your doorstep and most importantly…we love to gorge on our own acquired food!

Rohit Iyer

Co-Founder & Partner

Rohit firmly believes in having a hint of coconut flavor in all his curries and therefore South Indian fare is always what he craves for.

Taking tactical decisions of the organization as well as looking after Operations, is what our Co-founder is responsible for. Prior to launching Foodstuff, Rohit has worked with Derivium Tradition Securities as a Fixed Income Broker and Edelweiss Securities Ltd, just as his fellow-partner, where he looked after Cash Future Arbitrage. He has done his Masters in Management Studies and M.Com.

Harsh Mehta

Co-Founder & Partner

Harsh, an avid vegetarian, can often be found seasoning his meals with a shake of broth powder and veg oyster sauce.

After completing ICWA and MBA, Harsh has worked in the Finance arena with companies like Edelweiss Securities Ltd and CNBC TV 18, in the capacities of Research Analyst. He has consistently been distinguished by higher management at work for developing new ideas and concepts, a practice which he has successfully brought over to Foodstuff by taking care of its product and market development and undertakes strategic decisions.

Varun Mehta

Managing Partner, Pune & Goa

Varun, who can never make up his mind whether he likes his rice to be spicy, sweet or tangy, is thus a thai food aficionado, which is known for its right balance of all things sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and spicy.

Varun’s 10 year experience of working in the many factions of the travel industry, right from customer service, promotions to costing and liaising with overseas suppliers, has helped in tuning his customer-facing skills, marketing and finance responsibilities, which is what he handles in Foodstuff, Pune. His knowledge of world travel has further helped in understanding food imports better.

Pratik Phutane

Managing Partner, Central & Navi Mumbai and Goa

Whatever the weather, Pratik likes his eggs to be sunny-side up with the perfect blend of olive oil, black pepper and oregano.

Pratik has worked with organizations like Wipro Spectramind, Bharti Airtel and ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, over 12 years. He has the know-how of the entire range of Customer Service like Operations, Vendor Management, Process Audit Analysis, Quality Management, Business Improvement and Stakeholder Management. He has effectively brought his customer management skills to Foodstuff and looks after Operations, Marketing and Finance for Central and Navi Mumbai.

Shivendra Bhardwaj

Marketing & Customer Relationship

Chinese cuisine has always been a source of delight for Shivendra, who loves to team it up with cashews and tangy spices.

Shivendra has a B.Tech in UI Designing and a Diploma in Freight Forwarding and brings his sales and marketing experience into play at Foodstuff as a Marketing and Customer Relationship Executive.

Reena Nanwani

Marketing & Customer Relationship

Reena likes her entree dish to be decorated with marinated olives peppered with fragrant herbs like thyme and rosemary.

Handling sales, sales promotions, customer service and conducting market surveys, have been Reena’s forte, a Post Graduate Diploma holder. She brings that experience to Foodstuff by handling our Marketing and Customer Relationship.

Vishnu Sharma

Managing Partner, Bangalore

Vishnu loves to drape his pastas and noodles with all sorts of thrilling sauces like bhut jolokia hot sauce, chipotle, sriracha hot chilli, green tabasco to name a few, that make his dinner much more exciting.

Vishnu looks after Marketing and Logistic for Foodstuff and is an Integrated part of the Business Development Team. He has done his MBA in International Business & Marketing and Bachelor of Management Studies. His previous experience involved Product Research and Customer Relationship.

Priya Parekh

Accounts Executive

Priya is a strict desi-food lover and loves to flavour her food with the choicest set of spicy garam masalas and chilli powders.

Priya has a Bachelor of Management Studies Degree and is currently managing Accounts in Foodstuff. She has also previously worked with a stock and broking firm.

Pankaj Paswan

Accounts Executive

Desi food is what he likes to cook and eat as well.

Pankaj is a Graduate from the University of Mumbai and his experience starts from Foodstuff itself.